Rise: What Christians Should Know (#WCSK) Volume I by Dr. C.H.E. Sadaphal

Feel confident knowing what you believe and why you believe it with What Christians Should Know. Finally you can know basic Christian beliefs like an expert with the study guide that makes the Bible ridiculously simple. So if you are a new believer in Jesus, a mature Christian looking for a refresher, or just simply curious, What Christians Should Know (#WCSK) is for you. Here you can find reliable and solid Biblical answers to your most important questions.

By reading this ebook, you will know about God, the Bible, and what God has done for us in Jesus. What Christians Should Know is fascinating to read and easy to consult. It is an incredible resource for individuals, congregations, outreach ministries, Bible study groups and Christian education classes.

Walk: What Chrisitians Should Know (#WCSK) Volume II by Dr. C.H.E. Sadaphal

The second volume enables believers to enter into a deeper relationship with God, helps them navigate everyday problems, and offers practical, actionable advice. For example, learn what prayer is, why to do it, and how to pray; at last discover how to rid yourself of guilt; understand how to discern God’s will for your life, and feel confident knowing that God’s unconditional choice can never be broken even on your “bad” days.

Climb: What Christians Should Know (#WCSK) Volume III: The Ten Commandments by Dr. C.H.E. Sadaphal

Coming 2019-2020

Thoughts by Dr. C.H.E. Sadaphal

Thoughts is an assortment of philosophical treatises and mental notes that explores some of the seemingly endless contradictions of the modern world, of social and political institutions, and of human nature.

Thoughts vigorously challenges and scrutinizes common thought so that the contours of possibility are expanded and that mature, vetted beliefs may triumph. This book will invigorate readers with a new intellectual imagination and cultivate novel ways of thinking. Essays on race, politics, terrorism, morality and ethics, war, drug use, immigration, abortion, and the role of government in the affairs of private citizens present revolutionary answers to old problems.

Thoughts II by Dr. C.H.E. Sadaphal

Thoughts II was written based upon one simple premise: the Bible makes sense. In fact, the Bible makes so much sense that it not only informs in matters of the Christian faith, but is a cherished guide for all aspects of life. Thoughts II expounds upon how basic Biblical truth helps the modern Christian to contemplate the complexities of modern life, particularly moral and ethical dilemmas.

Epoch Dawning by Dr. C.H.E. Sadaphal Book Cover

In Epoch Dawning, C.H.E. Sadaphal’s first book, “I Am Legend” meets “The Matrix” in this post-apocalyptic Christian sci-fi thriller. The book dares to ask, “If technology gave Adam and Eve the chance to try again, what would they choose to do?”

The Power of God's Word Practical Wisdom and Life Strategies from 12 Bible Lessons by Dr. C.H.E. Sadaphal

The Power of God’s Word takes a closer look at twelve Bible study topics and equips you with practical wisdom and strategies that you can apply to any area of your life. This inspirational ebook will increase your understanding about personal transformation, connecting with others, and living the Christian life in hostile environments. It will intensify your faith and allow you to experience the felt love that only comes from walking in line with God’s will.

The Power of God’s Word is part of the What Christians Should Know (wcsk.org) series.

Why Evolution is Not True: Because Natural Selection Does Not Exist by Dr. C. H. E. Sadaphal

The current scientific consensus champions evolution by natural selection as an indisputable fact. Resultantly, many tell us where the facts lead, but when actually examining the alleged evidence, what one unearths is quite shocking—that from the very beginning, the theory of evolution was built on an unsteady foundation and the facts that presumably support it are rare, isolated, and unimpressive. Why Evolution is Not True is a succinct and accessible summary of how the facts that supposedly support the modern theory of evolution are dishonestly misinterpreted and why the evidence available demands a fresh verdict: that evolution is not true because natural selection does not exist.

In this bold and revolutionary book, Dr. C. H. Elijah Sadaphal challenges the scientific status quo, dispels common misunderstandings about evolution, and confirms the truth, which clearly refutes this speculative process of extraordinary change. By synthesizing Darwin’s original postulation in On the Origin of Species with molecular biology, modern genetics, medicine, and paleontology, Dr. Sadaphal provides seven devastating reasons why natural selection is not real and is merely a philosophical conjecture. Why Evolution is Not True does not aim to prove any alternative ideas; rather, by using indisputable and overwhelming evidence, it sets out to demonstrate that evolution by natural selection is neither plausible nor sufficient to explain the diversity of species.

About Dr. C. H. E. Sadaphal

Dr. C. H. E. Sadaphal author of What Christians Should KnowDr. Charles Haddon Elijah Sadaphal began his career as a medical doctor. He discovered a hidden passion for writing after a colleague challenged him to put some ideas down on paper. The challenge became his first book, Epoch Dawning, a post-apocalyptic, dystopian novel and an Amazon Top 100 Christian science fiction bestseller. Elijah has not stopped writing since. Having published six books, with four currently in development, he is an accomplished and prolific author.

Additionally, Elijah is a featured writer in several online media outlets, including The Living Pulpit, an online magazine dedicated to serving the servants of Jesus. He also contributes to Voices on Bold, a multimedia news and cultural platform focused on the ideals of personal responsibility and sustainable capitalism. Furthermore, Elijah is the creator and host of the podcast series What Christians Should Know and Preaching Christ, and his most recent podcast is called TruthFinder, which interacts with the doubts and reservations of atheists and agnostics to find ultimate truth and meaning.

Elijah writes with a particular emphasis on matters concerning the Christian faith. He posts weekly book reviews and in-depth commentaries on CHESadaphal.com on a myriad of relevant, contemporary issues. These commentaries rely on timeless biblical truth to inform contemplation of life and the modern world.

His second book, What Christians Should Know (WCSK), published in 2015, is a simple and easy guide to basic Christian beliefs. He wrote this book to help believers make foundational biblical ideas plain and accessible, and it enables all Christians to know basic Christian doctrine like an expert.

What Christians Should Know Volume II helps Christians apply biblical principles to everyday life. It answers many questions, such as, How do I pray? How do I trust God? How do I live according to the tenets of God? How do I know I’m saved? How do I sincerely turn my life around?

Thoughts and Thoughts II vigorously challenge and scrutinize common thoughts—about faith, social and political institutions, and human nature—so that the contours of possibility are expanded and mature, vetted beliefs may triumph. Both books invigorate readers with a new intellectual and theological imagination and cultivate novel ways of thinking.

The Power of God’s Word takes biblical exegesis to a hands-on level and helps readers by giving them practical wisdom and life strategies from twelve Bible lessons. These lessons represent the breadth of study and examination used to prepare Elijah’s sermons. Some valuable insights the book provides include how to live a Christian life in an unchristian world, the anatomy of temptation, the miracle formula, and the power of God’s Word to liberate you from harmful thinking and circumstances.

Dr. Sadaphal currently has four books in development: What Christians Should Know Volume III: The Ten Commandments; What Christians Should Know Volume Zero, which seeks crucial answers to critical questions about belief; The God Conclusion, which reveals how reason and intellect ultimately find God in an era of skepticism; and an untitled work of fiction about the internal struggle that results from the pursuit of holiness.

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