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The bottom line: A timeless book with a timely message: mindless faith is not Christian faith.


Your Mind Matters is a book that resulted from a lecture given by the late Rev. John Stott in 1972. The topic was the place of the mind in the Christian life, and the content was as relevant then as it is now. Resultantly, what this sharp and powerful book does is illuminate how, in an age of anti-intellectualism, knowledge of God and His Word is foundational to the Christian, the Christian walk, and the vitality of genuine Christian communities. As the author persuasively argues, the relentless focus on subjective personal experience leads to “spiritual superficiality” and zeal without knowledge (also known as fanaticism). The author makes a rock-solid biblical case that engages the mind and the heart—that zeal is always directed by knowledge and the illumination of the Holy Spirit does not persuade regardless of the facts but involves a comprehensive attention to the evidence.

Sequentially, the book describes the dangers of “Mindless Christianity,” why rationalism is a crucial component of our humanity, the Scriptural emphasis on knowledge, wisdom and understanding, and finally, how to act on that knowledge and build up God’s people. This book packs a mighty punch in less than 100 pages and Stott manages to say much in very few words.

Your Mind Matters is powerful, inspirational and motivational call to action for Christians—especially apologists and communicators—to engage their minds in order to reach the minds of other believers. This intellectual engagement demands an absolute loyalty to the biblical gospel, an unshakeable trust in the Holy Spirit, and a deep understanding of modern alternatives to the gospel. In my humble opinion, a must-read and must-have book in an age of anti-intellectualism, pluralism and subjective truth.


Rev. Dr. C. H. E. Sadaphal

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