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The bottom line: The Lord’s Supper is a very big deal. That’s why you should read this book.




The Lord’s Supper is much, much more than a wafer and grape juice every now and then in church.

The Bible prescribes that there are two sacraments that the Church must perform: baptism and communion (The Lord’s Supper). The latter is the subject of What is The Lord’s Supper? and this succinct booklet clarifies much of the confusion over what communion is, why it should be done, and how it should be done. What is The Lord’s Supper? is important because if you do not have a clear understanding of The Lord’s Supper, then you do not have clear understanding of the Christian faith.

Sproul reveals the importance of communion by connecting it to the Passover in the Old Testament (“The Significance of the Passover”). He then describes what communion means in our relationship with God while simultaneously using Biblical evidence to debunk false interpretations of the sacrament (“The Institution of the Lord’s Supper”). Eschatological implications are also explored (“The Consummation of the Kingdom”). At this point, the contemporary “meat” of the booklet concludes and Sproul devotes a significant amount of time to discuss if the bread of wine of The Lord’s Supper are literally the body and blood of Jesus (also known as transubstantiation, and no it’s not) and how this heretical view’s origins helped to fuel some of the debates of the Protestant Reformation. Philosophical considerations are also detailed. (“Real Body and Blood?”, “The Natures of Christ”, and “The Presence of Christ”). The final chapter (“Blessing and Judgment”) explains that The Lord’s Supper most certainly ought to be done and to be taken very seriously because if not, this portends dire consequences.

What is The Lord’s Supper? is part of the Crucial Questions booklet series. The series offers Biblically sound answers to practical, real-life questions about the everyday Christian experience.

I have read numerous booklets, all written by R.C. Sproul, and without question the series is very informative and a worthwhile resource. As with the other booklets, they tend to be less than 100 pages so you can get through one in an afternoon. Furthermore, the fact that all of them are available for free in the Kindle versions is just icing on the cake. This is excellent for anyone who seeks to know more about The Lord’s Supper, and will provide valuable information to Sunday school teachers and Christian educators.


Dr. C. H. E. Sadaphal

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