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The bottom line: A book with a misleading title but practical advice on evangelism and vocation.



The Great Commission is a command given to the disciples of Jesus after He rose from the dead. The Commission essentially gives instructions to the followers of Christ to make disciples, baptize and evangelize. The Great Commission is significant because it compels both individuals and the church to action.

With that in mind, What is the Great Commission? really isn’t about the Great Commission per se—that is, it isn’t about discipleship or baptism. This book is about evangelism—what it is (a good message), who is supposed to do it (everyone), and who it’s supposed to reach (the lost).

There are even chapters dedicated to the Biblical basis of evangelism and how to approach evangelism systematically.

A key idea that readers will take away from this book is that each believer is equipped with a different type of gift (e.g. some are teachers, some are preachers and some are evangelists) but everyone is still commanded to evangelize. What that looks like in everyday life will differ according to your situation, and What is the Great Commission? provides a way to clarify that vocation.

It also emphasizes that evangelism isn’t something that a few Christian “superstars” execute, but has its most profound effects when everyday folks are mobilized to spread the good news. What this book subsequently does best is take something distant and make it very much within reach.

This book is part of series by Dr. Sproul called Crucial Questions that provides intelligent answers to some of the most basic and tricky questions pertaining to the Christian faith. I have read many books in this series and this title is another solid addition. What is the Great Commission? is less than 60 pages long, so you can certainly get through it in less than two hours.


Dr. C. H. E. Sadaphal

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