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The bottom line: Strong, concise and clear Biblical instruction on an often-misunderstood topic.



“Faith” is a term loosely thrown around by everyone, yet there is much confusion as to what the concept really means. This bewilderment is a major problem because faith is one of the core principles upon which Christianity is built, and it plays a central role in the lives of Christians.

In What is Faith? R. C. Sproul answers this confusion by giving readers a sound Biblical education on faith, based primarily on Hebrews 11:1.

Using this verse as a foundation, he expands on the notion that faith is never subjective and “blind” but objective and based upon genuine historical facts and tangible divine promises. Faith thus becomes the result of embracing reason and studying empirical support as opposed to rejecting them.

This booklet emphasizes the fact that faith means believing God (not believing in Him), His promises, and has quantifiable results in the life of all believers. Faith is also a gift of grace and is not derived from the corruptible self. Sproul illustrates these ideas by providing numerous Biblical examples, demonstrating what faith looks like in practical terms. Another added bonus of this book is that the author often takes small detours into philosophy, apologetics, and commentary on the state of Christianity to reveal how a misunderstanding of faith can result in an altered perception of what the gospel of Christ is really about.

What is Faith? is the 8th installment in a 17-part series about the core doctrines of the Christian faith. Being less than 100 pages and easy to read, you will likely be able to get through this book in one quick sitting. Without a doubt, this is easily accessible to all people and provides a strong Biblical foundation to help anyone clarify the concept of faith. Certainly, it would be hard to find anything not worthwhile and written by R. C. Sproul. After reading through these pages, you will gain clarity as to whether the faith you proclaim is in fact the genuine article.


Dr. C. H. E. Sadaphal

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