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Being “born again” (regeneration) is a crucial starting point of the Christian’s life. As Jesus explained to Nicomedus, it is a conversion that must happen in order to have eternal life. However, interpretation of what this actually means in everyday terms has led to many misperceptions.

In What does it mean to be born again? R.C. Sproul meticulously explains what being “born again” really means.

He draws on core ideas of Reformist theology to clarify that being born again is an invisible, inward, mysterious, and instantaneous act of a sovereign God who regenerates us to respond to Christ in faith. Because this act is executed by The Lord, His grace is irresistible, and thus being “born again” is permanent. Hence, a person cannot become “un-born again.”

As a reader can expect from R.C. Sproul, this booklet provides sound Biblical and theological arguments that forces you to ask deep, probing questions and scrutinize what it is that you think you know.

In the contemporary setting, I think one of the most valuable takeaways from What does it mean to be born again? is how Sproul differentiates between a conversion from a conversion experience.

Oftentimes people chase a born again experience and tirelessly seek a shining light from heaven and to have their lives radically changed in a big, dramatic moment. The problem here, as the author explains, is that we cannot judge God based upon our subjective experience. What many Christians fail to realize is that we serve a God who stands above and transcends our experiences, and being born again is much more about a deep, inward regeneration that is invisible to external observers.

What does it mean to be born again? is part of the Crucial Questions booklet series. The series offers Biblically sound answers to practical, real-life questions about the everyday Christian experience.

Without a doubt, the series is very informative and a worthwhile resource. Each selection in this volume tends to be less than 100 pages so you can get through a booklet in an afternoon. Furthermore, the fact that all of them are available for free (Kindle versions) is just icing on the cake. This is excellent for anyone who seeks to know more about repentance, and will provide valuable information to Sunday school teachers, Christian educators, and Bible students.


Dr. C. H. E. Sadaphal

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