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The bottom line: A small booklet that offers wise and insightful answers to a very big question.



Guilt is the objective understanding that all human beings share because of their violation of God’s law. Feelings of guilt refer to the subjective experience of individuals and can have paralyzing and detrimental effects. While those who do not believe in God may deny, rationalize or become accustomed to guilt, believers must inevitably answer the imposing question of how they ought to manage their culpability that arises from the lack of obedience to God’s commands.

What can I do with my guilt? provides sound Biblical answers on how God uses our guilty feelings in order to drive us toward Christ, the One who forgives and silences the accusations both from the external deceiver and our internal conscience.

Subsequently, the book proceeds through three chapters that describe (1) what guilt is, (2) traditionally, what unsuccessful attempts are made to deal with guilt, and finally, (3) how God effectively deals with guilt.

The title, “What can I do with my guilt?” is somewhat misleading because ultimately, I can’t do anything to solve my guilt problem. As Sproul explains, guilt is not solved by works, penance or virtue, but is ultimately solved by Christ.

Hence, the book’s final chapter (Forgiveness) is a quick and commanding exposition on the power of Christ to breaks the chains of perpetual guilt and set people free from the chains that hold them back. This final chapter is where the book shines and offers hope to many believers who may have spent years and years burdened with a load they were never meant to carry.

This book is part of series by Dr. Sproul called Crucial Questions that provides intelligent answers to some of the most basic and tricky questions pertaining to the Christian faith. I have read many books in this series and this title is another solid addition. What can I do with my guilt? is about 60 pages long, so you can get through it in an afternoon.


Dr. C. H. E. Sadaphal

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