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 The bottom line: A practical blueprint for success, tenacity, grit, and a positive motivating force that captivates the reader, empowering them to overcome challenges.


Well My Mom Says … is an impressive work of non-fiction written by first-time author Dr. C.M. Lee, Jr. The book is based on conversations he had with his mother, a cardinal inspirational figure in his life, who inspired him to look beyond the present and strive toward an unrealized future that exists without bounds and is attainable only to those who remain true to themselves, their calling, and engage in methodical application. Well My Mom Says is a semi-autobiography and personal narrative that guides the reader from Dr. Lee’s humble beginnings to his blessed present.

This quick and easy read is arranged into four parts—The Fundamentals, Basketball, Education, and Life—that are subsequently divided into brief chapters. Each chapter highlights a snippet of a personal story and follows it up with insightful reflections and lessons learned. Further, each part describes a particular time in the author’s life that presented a unique set of challenges, and as a result of these struggles, the development of a distinctive set of merits such as purpose, integrity, and humility. Dr. Lee continually highlights his faith as the cornerstone upon which he builds his virtues, and this seamless narrative allows the reader to better harmonize walking in the path of God while also paying attention to success and career, family, education, and all things in between.

Well My Mom Says is an inspirational and moving book that will certainly add value to all those looking for real, practical, and accessible advice toward charting a path to victory while remaining true to their Christian faith. This book will serve well the young who have just began to dream, or the experienced veterans who need a word of inspiration or a glimmer of hope to carry them through the storms.



Dr. C. H. E. Sadaphal

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