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The bottom line: A comprehensive guide that reveals how to navigate the complex modern classroom and provides strategies for effective teaching.


The Skillful Teacher is a wide-ranging book written by a seasoned educator that details valuable advice to both new and experienced teachers.

Brookfield draws upon years of experience and trial-and-error to give both very personal and practical advice on how to excel in not only teaching, but also in maximizing the environment for learning and identifying the roadblocks that serve to deter proper education. Overall, he repeatedly emphasizes that a “one-size-fits-all” approach is not feasible, and part of the process of growing as an educator is marching through the often-unpredictable rough patches that no one has established a solution for. A majority of this book’s value comes from its practical applicability toward almost any field where one person instructs others.

The book does not provide exact prescriptions on how to accomplish certain tasks but does detail broad strategies that can be applied in multiple contexts and levels. This does not take away from the book’s value but instead increases it reach and is consistent with its philosophy that no uniform formula is appropriate in all scenarios.

After reading The Skillful Teacher I absolutely have a better understanding of how to teach, and have an even greater knowledge of how others mature in different learning environments. I have no background in education and found this book very relatable and easy to read. I used this book as part of a graduate level course.


Dr. C. H. E. Sadaphal

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