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 The bottom line: In actuality, the secret of happiness, success, and human nature.


The Secret of Selling Anything is not about clichés, empty slogans, the “right” answers, positive thinking, or others ridiculous ideas that coerce the reader into a cookie-cutter mold you must fit into in order to be a better salesman. The author debunks all of those fallacies and describes the proper way to actually get things done and deliver exactly what it is that the customer wants. As an introvert, the book was a breath of fresh air, assuaging the angst that comes with the assumption that all successful salespeople must be inherently energetic, aggressive, and talkative.

The book does offer the advice of a veteran, successful salesman who shares his learned wisdom and gives the reader a detailed blueprint on how to succeed and properly orient your focus in the interactions with others. I would not only recommended reading this book, but going through it several times over to absorb and reflect upon the wealth of knowledge contained in its pages. The power of this text rests not in its effectiveness and applicability in the business world, but its universal application to dealing with all people in all arenas. Another appropriate title could fairly be “The Secret of Life.”

Buy this book. It will change how you relate the world and certainly improve your outcomes.


Dr. C. H. E. Sadaphal

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