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The bottom line: A persuasive argument in favor of Jeffersonian freedom and liberty.


The author, Ron Paul, has been an unwavering advocate for libertarian freedom for decades. His arguments in favor of individual liberty, sound money, and a foreign policy of non-intervention all seamlessly come through loud and clear in The Revolution A Manifesto.

Not only is this book a wonderful “first start” for anyone seeking to learn more about basic libertarian principles, but it will also reveal the inherent fallacies in many of the mainstream political, economic, and social policies of our day.

Throughout the text, Paul clarifies the libertarian position while mercilessly scrutinizing the positions of conventional politics. What most people do not realize is that although deep-rooted ideological divisions existed amongst the founding fathers, they would all agree that our modern formulation of big government is perverse and destructive of freedom. The “big” government of the 1700s would equate to “miniscule” government of the 2000s. Of course, many today champion the wisdom of the founding fathers not realizing these historical figures would be the first to condemn their imperialistic fantasies of governmental authority.

The chapters move through (for example) the constitution, economic freedom, and civil liberties. The chapter on the Federal Reserve by far is the most eye-opening, where the author explicitly describes the agenda behind this monetary authority that secretively makes all banks extensions of the federal government. As is explained, this ends being a mechanism of wealth distribution in reverse from the bottom to the top.

Ironically in the author calling for a “revolution” in actuality he seeks to go way, way back to the ideology and principles of the Founding Fathers where freedom actually meant small government, the avoidance of war, and that you could only spend money that you had. While the mainstream undoubtedly will be thrown off balance by Paul’s radical recommendations, the author breathes invigorating new life into the banal and tired debates that has consumed the endless cycle of political banter.

Read this book an open your mind to a new world of fresh possibilities.


Dr. C. H. E. Sadaphal

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