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The bottom line: A concrete investigation into the model of prayer given by Jesus.




Prayer is one of the bedrocks of the Christian faith because it is the transformative medium through which believers communicate and fellowship with God. Yet, prayer cannot be done “any old way” because it is a dialogue with a Holy and Omnipotent Creator. The question then becomes: Is there a map one can follow on how to pray? The answer is yes and it is found in the blueprint Jesus gave to His disciples, The Lord’s Prayer.

The Prayer of the Lord explains the “prayer map” and guides the reader on how to navigate that map.

The book proceeds through a line-by-line analysis of The Lord’s Prayer. Sproul explains what Jesus told His disciples to pray, why He told them specific items, and what this means for us on how to pray. Additionally from Biblical, theological, sociological and historical perspectives, he extrapolates profound understanding and its subsequent implications for contemporary life.

The Prayer of the Lord equips the reader with a tool belt of teachable principles that can then be applied to anyone’s prayer life. Furthermore, the author often makes some short detours to explain some of the more complex issues that arise with understanding principles such as how not to pray, temptation and sin, and what making the unseen kingdom of God seen really means. If you haven’t read some of R.C. Sproul’s other books, you will be treated to some short expositions on discerning God’s will and what it means to pray to an unchanging Lord.

This book will help any curious mind to better understand one of the foundations of the Christian faith (prayer) using The Lord’s Prayer as a prime example. It goes without saying that anyone involved in Christian education, preachers and ministers will discover tremendous value in this book. The book is short and written in clear, plain language so I presume that even younger believers will not think this text to be “over their head.”

Reading The Prayer of the Lord will forever change your prayer life and in turn bring you closer to God.


Dr. C. H. E. Sadaphal

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