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The bottom line: One of the Top 10 books every Christian should read.


The Case for Faith is a #1 bestseller for a reason: it’s a simple, easy-to-read apologetic for those within Christ’s house doubtfully looking out the window and for those outside curiously looking in.

A lot of this book’s power derives from the fact that the author was formerly very skeptical of Christianity so this text in part is a road map of the recalcitrant cynic along the path from doubt to belief.

Essentially this book makes a strong, convincing and evidence-based case for faith in Jesus Christ not with empty rhetoric and void promises but through a rigorous process of investigation and scrutiny. Every person of faith ought to read this book to strengthen and formalize his or her belief. Every person skeptical or interested about the Christian faith should read this book in order to understand that a case for faith is best made by asking and working through the tough questions. Some of these tough questions include the eight “heart barriers” to faith and specifically ask, for example: If there is a God, why does evil exist? How could a loving God approve of eternal torment in hell? Evolution explains God … so why do I need Him? Won’t it rub people the wrong way to say that Jesus is the only way?

The Case for Faith proceeds through chapters that each ask a problematic question. The chapters are written in the context of a crime story that requires a puzzle to be solved, making a non-fiction book read like a fiction thriller. It goes with saying that Strobel tackles broad themes and main ideas, so while this book is an excellent first place to start, it will not provide specific details about minutiae in the Bible or presupposed discrepancies in the Scriptures.

This book is very accessible and is written in plain language. Whenever I meet someone “outside” of the faith, is a new believer, or is a mature veteran, I always direct them to it. It is a timeless classic for everybody.


Dr. C. H. E. Sadaphal

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