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The bottom line: A book bursting with wisdom that all married people should know and follow.


The secret to love that lasts is that there is no secret. The Five Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts lifts the veil of mystery and makes plain the key of enduring love: making the choice to love.

Not making the choice means being absent while staying put or leaving altogether. Making the choice means admitting that what’s been done isn’t working and both parties need to be able to understand the other’s primary love language. When you finally understand the language your partner has been speaking all along, then things will begin to make sense and relationship-building can commence.

The core of The Five Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts are the five chapters that describe each of the unique languages, how you can identify which language you speak, and tips on how you can love your partner who speaks a another dialect.

Surrounding this core are beneficial chapters on why love fizzes out as time moves on, the “love tank” and how to keep it full, the fervor of falling in love, and loving those whom you dislike. The advice given in all these chapters are powerful in their simplicity and their practical applicability to everyday life. In fact, this is likely the greatest value of The 5 Love Languages—its wise and insightful suggestions produce a plethora of actionable options that anyone can use to restore, strengthen and grow their relationship.

Even though The Five Love Languages is around 200 pages, it is one of the fastest 200 pages you will ever read. And although Dr. Chapman incorporates ideas from anthropology and psychology, there is absolutely no technical jargon. Everything is written in plain, simple, everyday language.

On a negative note, by far my biggest critique of this book are the endless stories and anecdotes. In fact, most of the book is told through the vehicle of narratives involving characters the author has dealt with during his career. While I realize this is a is popular and engaging style, many readers who seek “just the facts” and the objective ideas will often have to wade through thick layers of fluff before getting to the golden nuggets of wisdom. Regardless, a book definitely worth reading.


Dr. C. H. E. Sadaphal

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