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The bottom line: A wonderful pictorial companion guide to better visualize the Tabernacle and its central theme: Jesus.



A Tabernacle Pamphlet: Symbolism in the Tabernacle is a full-color fold up guide that serves any diligent Bible student well in their quest to better understand the Tabernacle, the mobile sanctuary designed by God so that He could dwell amongst His people.

It includes a full-color map of the Tabernacle in the wilderness complete with cross-sectional annotated diagrams, a detailed look at each of the pieces of furniture in the Tabernacle, analysis of the priest’s attire, a detailed look at the sacrifices made, the organization of the tribes around the structure, and a breakdown of how the temporary, earthly Tabernacle points directly to Jesus, the eternal and heavenly High Priest.

The pictures are clear, simple, and bring the Tabernacle to life. Although the subject matter is somewhat complex, the pamphlet is written in plain language that makes all the typology and symbolism very accessible. Moreover, this guide also walks the reader through the successive stages of the Tabernacle so you are better able to perceive and understand the meaning of different stages in the context of the whole.

In my opinion, what makes this guide excel is not that it explains the intricacies of the Tabernacle itself, but it makes very plain how every piece of the ancient sanctuary points directly to Jesus. Also, each illustration comes complete with specific Bible verses making cross-referencing your Bible very easy.

A Tabernacle Pamphlet: Symbolism in the Tabernacle is much more than just a Tabernacle map and contains a wealth of information in a very small and concise brochure. Certainly, this serves as a comprehensive guide to facilitate your own Bible study but I think most people will be well served to use this pamphlet in Christian education classes, Sunday school, and discipleship tracks.


Dr. C. H. E. Sadaphal

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