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The bottom line: Christians: get equipped and know the path to triumph with this manual of arms.



Satan wants to destroy you, your family, and your church. How does he plan to do it? The Strategy of Satan explains with clarity and precision so that you will be prepared for the battlefield.

By explaining four principle strategies Satan uses and what he seeks to achieve with those strategies, Wiersbe also explains God’s defenses so that you can thwart the enemy’s attack. Overall, this is a sharp and powerful book loaded with Scriptures and full of biting, pithy phrases.

Without a doubt, The Strategy of Satan is intended for all those believers serious about their faith and serious enough to realize that regarding the doctrine of Satan and demons with contempt leads to false security and early defeat.

The “core” of the book is the first 90 or so pages. There, Wiersbe explains four targets (your mind, body, will and heart) that Satan has, the weapon he uses for attack, and his distinct purpose for the target. Each of the four targets is described against the backdrop of an Old Testament figure who had an encounter with Satan. The book then proceeds with strategies for living by faith (with a Biblical “test” to ascertain if it is God’s will or the devil’s), how to not provide the devil with opportunities, how to spot Satan in church, and an analysis of the Christian in the full armor of God.

What reader should be aware of is that the chapter on Job (“The Destroyer”) gives a great analysis of why suffering exists in the Christian life. Indeed, this will not answer provide all possible explanations, but I believe it will be tremendously helpful for those believers enduring tough times of hardship and seek to know, “Why me?” Knowing what role Satan plays in suffering is remarkably helpful.

In my personal opinion, Wiersbe has a very piercing writing style and he has the uncanny ability to speak volumes without using many words. So although this book is relatively short (162 pages) it overflows with practical wisdom and Bible insights. As a pastor, I must recommend this book to all Christians because no one is immune from the attacks of the enemy. People perish because of a lack of knowledge and The Strategy of Satan provides you with that and more.


Rev. Dr. C. H. E. Sadaphal

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