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Arguably, Charles Haddon Spurgeon was one of the greatest Christian orators to have ever lived. As a Reformed Baptist preacher, he proclaimed the truth of the gospel in England in the 1800s, yet his words still inspire countless Christians of all denominations in the 21st century. Spurgeon lead one of the first modern “mega-churches” where he routinely preached to audiences in the thousands each and every Sunday. In fact, Spurgeon was so popular that newspapers reprinted the text of his sermons the following day. Why the history lesson?

Because within Spurgeon’s Sermons, you are treated to some of Spurgeon’s best transcribed messages, each filled with power, strength, razor-sharp thought, and awe-inspiring theological imagination. Spurgeon’s words will leave you spellbound and even if this set cost $500 it would still be a bargain.

One of the most helpful parts of this five-volume set are the indices at the end of the fifth volume. Both serve as a type of “Google search” where you can locate the page for a particular topic (e.g., resurrection and atonement) or a particular Scripture verse. This proves to be tremendously helpful when looking for supplemental information to match your own Bible study.

Personally, Spurgeon’s Sermons is one of my most treasured resources and I never prepare a sermon without it. Furthermore, to say that this set is a collection of mere ‘sermons’ undervalues the breadth of work. What the reader is subsequently gifted is a vast ocean of symbolism, exegesis, story-telling, poetry and homiletical persuasion.

One can truly experience the inspirational and motivational force of the Holy Spirit moving you through the words of Spurgeon in this timeless book. Spurgeon brings the Word of God to life and through beautiful theological reflection, invites you to bask in the overwhelming felt love that comes from having a deep, personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

For all those who are curious a free, online, comprehensive sermon archive is available at http://www.spurgeongems.org/sermons.htm

Dr. C. H. E. Sadaphal

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