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The bottom line: An illuminating exposition on the unquestionable power of God to break chains, defeat the darkness and empower believers to conquer in spiritual battles.



Charles H. Spurgeon, a theological titan, was the astounding preacher of a “megachurch” in 19th-century England. He had innumerable encounters with adverse spiritual forces, and had many victories during his life. Subsequently, this book is written from the standpoint of a seasoned veteran who has been battle-tested and therefore gives real, practical, and hard-hitting advice that will confront and challenge the most vulnerable areas of your walk and meet you where you are in your war preparation.

Spiritual Warfare is based on sound Biblical doctrine, and in clinging close to the Word of God, it yields an empowering and potent message.

This book will not only ignite the fire in your spirit to become the conqueror God called you to be but will also reveal how to break the bondage of sin, how to break the wheel of spiritual stagnation, and at last, how to overcome guilt, sadness and despair.

The first eight chapters provide an analysis of Satan’s battle strategy and temptation (e.g., “Satan Conquering the Saints” and “The Roaring Lion”) and how God, through Christ, provides the only viable option to defeat the enemy (e.g., “Christ Triumphant,” “How to use the Word of God,” and “An Antidote to Satan’s Devices”). Chapters 9-12 describe the individual pieces of the armor of God, and in my opinion, this is the highlight of the book. Here, you will find a step-by-step and piece-by-piece blueprint and how we ought to prepare for war, and the peculiarities of engaging in a spiritual fight.

Additionally, Spiritual Warfare contains an innumerable number of pearls of wisdom, Biblical teaching points, and chunks of marvelous exegesis. And while this is a “book” it was derived from a collection of Spurgeon’s sermons, so it is replete with beautiful poetry, imagery and metaphors. Resultantly, some parts of the book feel as if you are reading the letters of a determined soldier on the battlefield, while others place you in the victorious arms of the Lord during His triumph over evil at the cross. Spurgeon excels at painting a clear picture of how the reader can righteously walk with Christ to defeat the deceiver.

This book is a shining tower of light and hope for all believers who will undoubtedly find Spurgeon’s words gripping, poignant, and motivating. Particularly for teachers and preachers, this powerful text provides a “how-to” roadmap for those waging war against spiritual strongholds and principalities.

Spiritual Warfare will certainly give you the confidence to proclaim the power of the Word of God to all those who no longer wish to be enslaved to sin and the powers of darkness.

For preachers, your lessons and sermons will be incomplete without this book. For all believers, your Christian walk will be incomplete without this book, and the power contained within these pages will whisk your dormant theological imagination into shape. Read this book and prepare to have your life and your relationship with God changed forever.


Dr. C. H. E. Sadaphal

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