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The bottom line: A champion soul winner explains how to win at soul winning.

Soul Winner is a “How-to” manual derived from a series of lectures that Charles Haddon Spurgeon gave to students as Pastors’ College in the 19th century. Arguably, Spurgeon was one of the greatest Christian orators to have ever lived; he’s called the “Prince of Preachers” for a reason. In fact, in the 1800s he preached to a packed house of thousands multiple times a week. Spurgeon won souls for Christ while he was alive and his sermons are still winning souls for Christ more than 100 hundred years after his death. What’s not to learn from an efficacious man like that who has gifted us with a guidebook on how to lead sinners to the Savior?

Although Soul Winner is formally a collection of “lectures,” they read like sermons which are classically Spurgeon: doctrinally sound, piercing, empowering and motivational. With the turn of each page you will discover countless treasures of golden wisdom and practical advice tempered by real-life pastoral experience. Furthermore, each lecture exposits a Scripture verse and tackles one area of soul winning. Examples include (I) “What is it to win a soul?” (IV) “Sermons likely to win souls” (VI) “How to raise the dead” (XI) “The soul winner’s life and work” and (XV) “Encouragement to soul-winners.” What becomes readily clear from the start of this book is that soul-winning is not a means to an end but is one spiritual fruit that results from a person zealous about God and relentlessly committed to personal holiness.

For those seeking an inspirational read on evangelism you can do no better; for preachers seeking a spark to ignite their vigor in exhortation look no further; and for anyone who desires to feel empowered by the Word, then this book is that timeless treasure that you will hold on to and never let go.

It does not matter if you are a layperson, a member of church leadership, a street preacher, a Sunday school teacher or someone somewhere in between. If you are a Christian, you must read this book. God has called all Christians to preach the gospel to the world and win souls. Soul Winner will equip you with methods on how you can fulfill that calling and will certainly induce many professing Christians to engage in this blessed service for our Lord and Savior.

Rev. Dr. C. H. E. Sadaphal

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