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The bottom line: A must-read for anyone involved in pastoral ministry.


The Sacred Wilderness of Pastoral Ministry resolves the dilemma of how pastoral leaders can remain true to the gospel, while recognizing all the internal and external pressures in the church and world that pull many church leaders away from the divine truth. By using John the Baptist as a prime example, Rohrer invites all those in pastoral ministry to remain hopeful and not let their gazes to be drawn away from their ultimate goal—to proclaim a message that invites all those who will receive it to draw closer to, and engage in a stronger relationship with, God. Rohrer makes it very clear that the gospel is bigger than the church, the pastor, and the congregation. Pastors must not work for the church, but through it in order to change lives and to bring those far from Him back home.

The author is a seasoned pastor with several decades of experience, and his precious wisdom quickly becomes evident in the text. This book is a very quick read and Rohrer highlights his clear and distinct message with several stories and personal anecdotes. The book becomes so valuable once the reader realizes that the advice given can only be produced after years of experience, trials, tribulations, and walking in the often-treacherous shoes of a pastor in ministry.

If you are thinking about, already involved with, or experienced in pastoral ministry, this book should be in your library.


Dr. C.H.E. Sadaphal

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