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The bottom line: A must-read for anyone serious about New Testament theology, or those intending to teach/preach on Romans. Likely overkill for the layperson or the casual reader.


Romans Interpretation is another fantastic commentary in the Interpretation series that sheds much light on the text and provides the reader with a road map to navigate the theologically rich book of Romans. Achtemmeier does a particularly good job of clarifying some basic tenets of the Christian faith that are generally well known and accepted but the technicalities of such that are not generally understood: i.e. the legal justification by faith alone (not via the law), salvation through Christ, the Christian’s role in secular government, the universal applicability of grace and God’s motivation of love and mercy. The section “Grace and the State (13:1-7)” is especially powerful.

The author does overextend himself on two issues: infant baptism (pg. 95), and the Christian’s role with respect to the environment (pgs. 142-143). He takes a giant leap to apply scriptures to modern dilemmas, even though the verses convey a more broad, general idea. This is a minor blemish in an otherwise gorgeous composition.


Dr. C.H.E. Sadaphal

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  1. Cedric says:

    Also a great one: Commentary on Romans Luther Classic Commentaries) by Luther and Mueller. Less than 13 bucks on amazon which think is cheaper than this book.

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