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The bottom line: One of the best ever exposits one of the Bible’s most important chapters.


Serious students of the Bible tend to agree that all the foundational truths of the Christian faith are contained in the Book of Romans. Of course, Romans begins in chapter one, which sets the tone for the entire epistle (letter). Handling this chapter is thus critically important and with this first-in-the-series commentary from the late Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, you will not be let down—in fact you will be energized and inspired. That is, in Romans: The Gospel of God, the reader is gifted by the extraordinary teaching of Dr. Jones whose analytical mind, careful attention to detail and enthusiasm for the Word cry out through the pages and whisk your cerebral faculties into shape. (And when I say “attention to detail” let us not forget that he devotes just under 400 pages to 24 verses in this volume. Even more, it took him thirteen years to finish teaching his series on Romans before he ended at 14:17). In this commentary, the late preacher masterfully accomplishes what he always does best: not only plainly articulating what the passage really means, but revealing how that understanding fits into the Christocentric, God-glorifying big picture.

Romans chapter 1 (1:1-24) begins to talk about the gospel, a message that is as supremely necessary and urgent now as it was 2,000 years ago. This message contains divine truth worthy of the attention of the entire world, as God explains how all of humanity is “not right” with God and how any man can “get right” with God (how = who = Jesus Christ). Dr. Jones makes the message plain through frequent engagement with the original language (Greek), revealing links to other New Testament epistles and explaining Old Testament connections when necessary. Truly, although you are merely reading words on paper, what you can feel is the warming of your heart so that above all else, God is glorified and a man will see Christ as the most beautiful reality.

If you are like me, after finishing this text, you will feel like you will owe the late Dr. Jones an incalculable debt for his full-bodied exposition. My highest possible recommendation for any preachers, Bible teachers, or serious Bible students (not only for this volume but for the entire series). And for those seeking more from Dr. Jones, be mindful that you can get every message that Dr. Jones ever preached/taught for FREE on mltrust dot org.


Rev. Dr. C. H. E. Sadaphal

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