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The bottom line: A succinct and broad theological analysis of the minor prophets.

Many commentaries explore biblical texts using a line-by-line (or word-by-word) analysis that can often become bogged down by minutiae. This is not the case in Fretheim’s volume who thoroughly analyzes the text, but is careful to construct his examination with a broader theological focus in mind. Especially in the books of Jonah and Micah, the author illustrates the perpetual tension that exists between divine judgment and mercy, and extrapolates for the reader how the biblical conception of justice is not particular to a time or place, but in the service of a divine grand scheme.

I used this commentary as part of a graduate-level seminary course and would recommend it to anyone who seeks to get to the heart of the text and discern what the scriptures really “mean.” For the class, I read through the chapters on Jonah and Micah only. The book is written on a level accessible to most adults involved in teaching/preaching ministries.


Dr. C. H. E. Sadaphal

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