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The bottom line: Plenty of actionable advice in a very noisy book.



Platform was written based upon the premise that social media is a tool anyone can use as an accessible podium to promote a product or an idea; long gone are the days when you had to know an insider or a gatekeeper.

Subsequently, what the book ends up doing is showing you how to build your podium step-by-step. This guide is drawn by someone who has already successfully leveraged social media to carve out a particular niche and sustain a relevant voice. The only downside to all of this is that the author makes a lot of his own noise during the process.

Platform is divided into five sections: starting, preparing, building, expanding and engaging. Each revolves around a particular component of assembling your brand, so whether you are a novice or looking to rebuild you can easily pick up at any spot. The chapters were derived from blog posts so they are each no more than a few pages. Every chapter tends to provide a handful of action items so after I was done reading, I had amassed a checklist of 50-60 things that I either was lacking, never thought of, or needed to do in order to build upon my existing platform.

On a negative note, Platform is very noisy because there is a seemingly endless supply of references to external resources that the author either strongly recommends or is a “must-have.”

For the free resources, this is welcome noise, but there are so many references to paid resources that you begin to wonder if the book serves a primary purpose of being a referral base.

I couldn’t help escape the intuitive feeling that this book was designed to nudge me to buy a few more books, register for a seminar, or to pay hundreds (or thousands!) of dollars to enroll in a course.

Without a doubt, this will be a profitable resource for someone who has something to sell or to say, but people who write and speak in public will derive the most actionable advice. Of course without valuable content or a beneficial product, many of the strategies simply will not work but Platform will serve as a useful guide to get noticed.


Dr. C. H. E. Sadaphal

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