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The bottom line: A helpful companion to Ashcraft’s Personality Theories, challenging the student beyond the material in the textbook.


The Personality Theories Workbook is not a textbook itself, and is intended to be used along Ashcraft’s text. What I found most beneficial about the workbook is that it helps the reader to better understand often-abstract concepts by placing them in the context of real-life, everyday examples that are quite relatable. The workbook is organized into case studies that are grouped together according to theorist(s), and each case describes a unique hypothetical person who struggles with a series of problems or life scenarios. Many study questions, pertinent to the specific theories, then follow each case. In most instances, there are summary charts and succinct study guides to aide the student in answering questions by offering hints and clues. Some of the summary charts in the workbook can’t be found anywhere else and several proved useful as quick one-page, go-to references.

This workbook will prove most valuable if the student reads an entire chapter in Personality Theories, reads the cases, and then answers all the relevant questions in the workbook.

I used this book for a class called “Theories of Personality” in a graduate level seminary course. I certainly felt that the thought-provoking and challenging questions in the workbook helped to formalize ideas and concepts that were otherwise vague, and I often found myself going above and beyond what was in Personality Theories in order to answer the very comprehensive and often demanding questions. Additionally, it is my understanding that no commercially available answer guide is available from the publisher, so the student therefore must necessarily rely on their professor, teacher, and other external resources for guidance. The only problem with this approach is that some of the answers are open-ended, leaving the “right” answer a matter of subjective opinion. If you enjoy a rigorous test of knowledge and aim to boost your learning, this workbook will serve you well. A great adjunct to Ashcraft’s textbook.


Dr. C. H. E. Sadaphal

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