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The bottom line: A big and powerful message in a very small book.

On the Grace of God (Re: Lit Books) tells us what grace is, how it works in our lives, and why it is so vitally important. In fact, as Holcomb explains, without the grace of God, our entire world would crumble without the hope of redemption for anyone. In this book, discover that “gratuitous” grace truly is real and how it applies to your life.

Chapter 1 describes exactly what grace is, why we don’t deserve it, and how God freely gives it to undeserving people. The Bible is thus viewed as the story of God’s relentless outpouring of hesed (grace) upon creation and He is motivated by love in an attempt to restore the unity and peace (shalom) of creation’s beginning. Chapter 2 describes why grace is necessary due to the destructiveness of sin. The rest of the book follows the Bible linearly in order to extract the overriding theme of grace in the major narratives and stories—in essence grace in practice is detailed as opposed to grace in theory. Holcomb also manages to explain basic doctrine (e.g. penal substitutionary atonement, the Incarnation) and how Jesus is the ultimate expression of hesed in all of history. The Appendix contains a list of Bible verses in order and how they demonstrate grace.

In On the Grace of God, the author makes very frequent use of external authors and tends to quote large blocs of text. This exposes the reader to profound works by many other authors and paints a diverse yet integrated theological picture of grace throughout both Testaments.

I have read many other books in the Re:Lit series (On the Old Testament, On the New Testament, On Who Is God?, On Church Leadership) and I have not been disappointed yet. However, although they all promise you can get through a book in an hour, I still have not managed to accomplish that task. Give it an afternoon and you should be fine.

A quick and easy read with tons of footnotes.


Dr. C. H. E. Sadaphal

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