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The bottom line: Feel empowered by the Word of God with this awesome collection of powerful daily devotionals.


Arguably, Charles Haddon Spurgeon was one of the greatest Christian orators to have ever lived. As a Reformed Baptist preacher, he proclaimed the truth of the gospel in England in the 1800s, yet his words still inspire countless Christians of all denominations in the 21st century. The classic Morning and Evening is one example of his lasting and pervasive influence.

With this book, you are gifted with daily devotionals that ignite the heart and stimulate the mind. Each day of the calendar year has two Scripture readings: one for the AM and one for the PM. Each entry has a 1-2 paragraph long exposition of the verse where Spurgeon demonstrates his exegetical prowess. The depth and richness of biblical understanding is something that no contemporary author can match. Spurgeon’s application of the Scripture verses compel the reader to a deeper adoration of Christ, his awe-inspiring thoughts whisk a dormant theological imagination into shape, and his wise counsel tenderly guides those under adversity and strife toward hope.

One can truly experience the inspirational and motivational force of the Holy Spirit moving you through the words of God in this timeless book. Spurgeon brings the Scriptures to life and through beautiful theological reflection, invites you to bask in the overwhelming felt love that comes from having a deep, personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

For those seeking an inspiring devotional reader to start and end your day you can do no better; for preachers seeking a spark to ignite their exposition look no further; and for anyone who desires to feel empowered by the Word, then Morning and Evening is that timeless treasure that you will hold on to and never let go.

Rev. Dr. C. H. E. Sadaphal

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