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The bottom line: Men: get equipped with a reliable arsenal to defeat lust and its lies.

Lust Free Living equips men with the tools and strategies they need to “fight the good fight” and live a life free from the shackles of lust (e.g., carnal thoughts, wandering eyes, pornography, masturbation, adultery, etc.).

Dr. Douglass Weiss clarifies how, through the power of Christ, every man can be set free to be who God has called them to be instead of merely settling for who they are now. Ultimately, as the author explains, lust is no match for an almighty God. Consequently, this encouraging book reveals how to exit a lust-plagued life and explains how to maintain a lifestyle free from rampant covetousness.

The book proceeds in a systematic fashion: there is a “Lie” chapter (1-2 pages) that describes a specific lie that lust tells you and then details how the lie deceptively harms you, your family and your life in general. These chapters are quick, informative, and offer many pearls of wisdom that allow you to see lust for what is really is. The “Lie” chapters end with 3-5 questions that are triggers for self-reflection and growth. What follows are the “Tip” chapters (1-2 pages) that clarify how to battle and overcome lust by giving practical day-to-day strategies and insights that will help you map the road to recovery.

This is the third book I have read by Dr. Weiss (Addicted to Adultery and Intimacy Anorexia). I have been very satisfied with his works and find that he delivers on what his books claim they will do. Dr. Weiss is very open and honest about the fact that he was once a sex addict, so the advice that the reader gets is from an author who is not only a trained professional who has helped and counseled others, but who has also struggled with the real issues himself. Hence, Weiss delivers very practical advice from the perspective of someone who has been “on the frontlines” and is a veteran of the battlefield. Certainly what you will get is guidance that is both faith-based and of tremendous practical good without being neither too “churchy” nor too “worldly.”

Finally, the greatest benefit from Lust Free Living is its wide range of applicability. If you are a man that struggles with lust (which means nearly all honest men) it will enable you to become more self-aware, clarify specific deficiencies that require growth, and guide you toward other outlets to assist you in repairing yourself. If you are the spouse of man that seeks to live lust free, it will open your eyes to the unique variables that influence him. If you are a non-professional friend, accountability partner or church leader, it will equip you with some basic tools to assist, counsel and guide those under your care.

Dr. Weiss is a proud Christian and often grounds his advice using Bible verses and referencing Biblical principles. Thus, Christian males who desire a faith-based approach will likely derive the greatest benefit from Lust Free Living.

Dr. C. H. E. Sadaphal

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