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The bottom line: Another extraordinary volume in the Interpretation series and a masterful analysis of one of the Synoptics. A notable go-to resource when preaching or teaching lessons.


Luke Interpretation: A Bible Commentary for Teaching and Preaching is a distinctive look at Christ’s life and mission, and the author is very careful to highlight how the reader cannot fully appreciate this book without also looking forward to the Book of Acts, also written by Luke. As a result, as Craddock intelligently describes, the Hebrew Scriptures are what come before, and the mission of the church in Acts is what comes after—Christ as described in the Book of Luke stands as a mediator between the two.

Luke is often regarded as the “Gospel for the Gentiles” but Braddock does a wonderful job of illustrating how the Physician incorporates the Old Hebrew texts into his book to reveal exactly how the central tenets of Judaism are revealed through Christ. The reader subsequently steps away from the commentary with the understanding that modern Judaism’s beef is not with Christ or Christians, but instead with Judaism itself. This fact forms one of the foundations of the book, and the author makes frequent reference and provides examples throughout the text.

Some notable highlights of this book include the author’s discussion of the concept of the parable, the Pharisees, the reinterpretation of the story of the prodigal son into the “loving father,” the three parables of joy (pg. 183), and the proper eschatological conclusions (inversion) to be observed in the eventual kingdom of God.

This is the 9th volume in the Interpretation series that I have read, and the series in general has proven to be an invaluable resource. To those who wish to dig deeper for exegesis, prepare a sermon, teach a class, or generally increase their biblical knowledge, Luke Interpretation will serve you well.


Dr. C. H. E. Sadaphal

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