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The bottom line: An intriguing look at the roots and mission of the modern evangelical movement.


In Jesus and Justice, Heltzel describes the origins and subsequent development of the evangelical movement in America. From this common foundation, several different avenues of theology developed, giving rise to the varied landscape of contemporary evangelism. This book contributes to the understanding of how race relations formed the backbone for modern-day Christianity and highlights how Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. forever changed the theological landscape and introduced the idea of political and social activism as a means to achieve universal justice, a concept embedded in the theology of Christ.

The book is a quick and easy read, and it may surprise the layperson to understand how the stated goals of the evangelical apparatus differs from the impressions people have of it today. The text calls on and inspires all to adopt a theology of the cross by becoming active and seeking out a biblical model of justice that strives to correct existing inequalities.

The book will certainly challenge the reader to embrace the idea that the walk of faith should extend to all facets in life, and not be restricted to particular arenas.


Dr. C.H.E. Sadaphal

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