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The bottom line: A conversation-changing and enlightening book that directs your attention toward Christ, not ideology or transgression.



The reason why I appreciate this honest and straightforward book so much is twofold: (1) The author, who admittedly struggles with same-sex attraction (SSA), writes Is God Anti-Gay? as an experienced insider on how to approach his internal compulsions with God’s Word. (2) Allberry subsequently charts a reasonable, rational and Biblically sound course that does not attempt to re-interpret the Bible in order to accommodate the person, but instead interprets the person in the context of the Biblical prescriptions for marriage and sex. As the author makes very clear, he does not seek truth from within himself, a fallible human being like the rest of us—he seeks ultimate external truth in the divine. This of course must be the case because the instant an individual recognizes their sinfulness, any internal investigation for truth will produce results that may be subjectively comforting but universally flawed.

In Is God Anti-Gay? Sam Allberry does not proclaim, “This is who I am” because this would embrace the fallen nature of humankind. Instead he asks, “Now that I recognize God’s Word and the destructiveness of sin, who has God called me to be in Christ?”

The book begins first by analyzing what the Bible says about homosexuality and then puts that in context of the entire Biblical cannon including the doctrine of creation, marriage, the role of sex in interpersonal relations, immorality and the teachings of Jesus. The book ends by asking and then answering very basic questions about SSA such as how to respond to those who come out to you, how to respond when asked to a gay wedding, and how to respond when a gay person comes to your church. Sadly, the reason why the author has to answer these questions in the first place is because so many have taken abrasive and alienating courses to address these “dilemmas.”

In this very succinct, easy-to-read and easy-to-understand book, Allberry guides those who are confused into the light and provides comprehensive Biblical answers to what the Bible says about homosexuality. The result is neither totally divisive nor totally inclusive and yields an empowering, Christ-centered explanation that will help believers, those who have SSA, and the Church move in a positive direction.

If for nothing else, Is God Anti-Gay? will intelligently persuade you to pivot and change the way you approach the conversation on homosexuality: from alienating people to bringing others closer to God.


Dr. C. H. E. Sadaphal

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