The revolt in Egypt distinctly highlights the pervasiveness of “inversion” in our modern world.

The world has officially entered into a state of lunacy and chaos characterized by an ever-expanding sphere of inversion and double-speak—the “powers that be” have redefined reality in order to suit their own ends while the people subjugated to their rule are the ones who suffer. As a case in point, take the Egyptian people who revolted against decades of a military dictatorship under the iron fist of Hosni Mubarack and then democratically elected Mohammed Morsi into the office of president. Then, General Abdel Al-Sisi used his military power to overthrow that freely elected government in the name of “order”, “stability” and “security.” Even though General Al-Sisi initiated a coup, our government has refused to call it as such, because quite frankly, that wouldn’t be the best way to serve our own agenda. Since the illegal and immoral uprising won’t be labeled a coup d’état, we are free to prance around our own legal definitions and continue to finance the Egyptian military’s regime.

The newly installed oppressive establishment has scored battlefield victories against unarmed men, women and children, killing and wounding thousands who were simply demanding a return to a more free society and the democratic government that they all freely voted for. Even more troubling is that fact that all the innocent civilians who oppose the Al-Sisi dictatorship have now been labeled “terrorists.” The grand lie is that those who seek freedom are called “rebels” and thus worthy of elimination; those who simply submit and obey are called “loyal” and thus welcome into the authoritarian fold. The men with tanks and missiles now hold all the power and thus, make the rules.

Egypt represents the third fairly elected Arab government to be overthrown (Gaza and Algeria), by Western-backed military regimes. The Mubarak-inspired re-revolution has also been financed by Saudi Arabia and some Gulf monarchies.

After the initial uprising, Secretary of State John Kerry praised the takeover that overthrew Egypt’s first democratically elected government as “restoring democracy.” He specifically refused to call it a coup, for that would have meant cutting off $1.3 billion in US aid to Egypt’s military personnel, a vital American ally in the region.

How will the lie be perpetuated to save face? Simple: Egypt’s generals will have to cut back on the slaughter of their own people, and concoct a sham civilian government with a puppet leader, whose orders are issued by the military, who are in turn commanded by the Americans. In the end, Egypt will revert to a regime similar to the one which existed under Mubarak (who, by the way, has now been released from jail), one that will be backed and financed by the West who will in response turn a blind eye to all the human right violations.

Now I often ask myself where did General Al-Sisi’s war machine obtain the authority to clamp down on its critics so violently in the name of preserving its totalitarian grip on power? Well, it got it from the West, including the same political figureheads that are now shedding fake tears over the innocent lives that have been lost. It’s no coincidence that General Al-Sisi swept President Morsi from power on July 3rd, and then, after murdering thousands of innocents, placing several politicians and activists in prison, and reinstating the Mubarak-era secret police to wage a “war on terror” against “terrorists”, was then visited by Baroness Catherine Ashton (the E.U.’s chief of foreign affairs) at the end of July. At that time, Ms. Ashton called for a path toward “a stable, prosperous and democratic Egypt.”

The entire scenario in Egypt is a mess and the most disheartening aspect of the scenario is that the West is perpetuating violence and the imposition of martial law behind the scenes while actively protesting against it in the light of day. The Arab Spring was founded upon a set of worthy and righteous ideas—that the Arab people are capable of determining their own fate and chart the direction of their own life free from any external, coercive or oppressive forces. This virtuous spirit is being physically crushed by the men with guns halfway around the world, and trodden by funding from the alleged freedom-loving States who have an economic and political interest to keep a dictatorship alive in Egypt. The truth, it seems, has become nebulous and void; the lies have become real and its effects are horrifically palpable.

Dr. C.H.E. Sadaphal


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  1. Tom says:

    The middle east is being molded in a western image, although no one stopped to ask the middle easterners what they think about all this. this is only going to get trickier and peace in the region has now officially been declared dead.

  2. Bart says:

    The facts are working against ANY democratic movement in a totalitarian/autocracy/dictatorship. It’s very surprising that someone actually tallied all the transitions from autocracy to democracy from 1946 to 2010:

    In this analysis, UCLA political scientist Barbara Geddes and her colleagues “detailed transition information for the 280 autocratic regimes (in 110 countries with a population of more than a million) in existence from 1946 to 2010. More than half of the time, one autocrat has been followed by another. The odds of transitioning from autocracy to democracy are even worse for personalist dictatorships and one-party states, although military dictatorships make the transition about two-thirds of the time. A personalist dictator is a ruler who basically runs the state as a family business. As it happens, all of the regimes in which Arab Spring revolutions were successful were more or less personalist dictatorships”.

    The bottom line is that youth, past democratic history, income, and complexity all work against the formation of a stable democracy. Go figure.

    • CHE Sadaphal says:

      Yes, that Reason article is very thought-provoking. It spites the face of many conspiracy theorists while providing raw, hard data to explain the relative failures of some transitions and also explain while many other regimes have held steady for so long.

  3. Neil says:

    The general who now imposes his own iron will over Egypt is called sisi. Can’t anyone else see the irony?

  4. Azizeh says:

    At the end of the day, thw West must come to terms with the fact that Sisi has the support of Saudi Arabia and (most of) the Gulf and (despite our own perceptions of gov’t) military populism is popular again in Egypt. The people will get what they want even if what they want is not what we want.

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