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The bottom line: A solid introduction to what the Bible is, how to read it, and what it means.

How to Get the Most from God’s Word is another solid book from John MacArthur who has been preaching and teaching longer than I have been alive. He is well-known in Reformed circles as one who is fearlessly dedicated to God’s truth contained in the pages of Scripture.

This book essentially is an introduction to the Bible so that when you are done, you will not approach the pages of Scripture from a posture of ignorance but from a posture of clarity. By understanding what everything means, a big picture that may have been fuzzy now comes into clear focus. Furthermore, the book cuts to core of God’s Word so that you can use it effectively and apply it to your own life.

MacArthur provides clarity by devoting individual chapters to answering a crucial question such as:

How can we know God?

How did God inspire the Bible?

How can we prove that the Bible is true?

How does God’s Word change us and make us free?

What does the Bible mean?

What does the Bible say?

Pastor MacArthur is a powerful, straight-to-the-point, no nonsense teacher who doesn’t waste time on fluff. Personally speaking, I believe he is a gifted man of God and any project that he executes is biblically sound and worth your time. Subsequently, I recommend this book to anyone serious about their Bible study or any Bible teacher who seeks a succinct book that will equip your students with the fundamental, “big ideas” of the Bible. The fact that a book so valuable is available used for $0.10 (December 2017) is amazing.


Rev. Dr. C. H. E. Sadaphal

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