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Every human being has an awareness of God written on the conscience. Some embrace this awareness and are led to the truth. Others suppress this awareness and are led astray. In the latter case, following your conscious leads to a suppression of the truth and a subjective form of morality that is tainted by sin. In the former case, the human conscience is very important because it strives to turn away from evil and conform to the external objective truth of God. In How can I develop a Christian conscience?, R.C. Sproul clearly explains what a genuine Christian conscience is and how it can be cultivated.

How can I develop a Christian conscience? is roughly divided into two parts. The first answers the central question of the book and the second debunks the many polluted distortions that exist about what a Christian conscience really means.

“The Creation Ordinances” and “The Razor’s Edge” clarify Christian ethics and elucidates that we, as Christians, are redeemed, but we are not free from being obligated to God and His commandments. Developing a Christian conscience thus entails studying and having knowledge of God’s decrees, found in the Bible. The final three chapters expose fraudulent ideologies (e.g. legalism, antinomianism) and explain how an awareness of the degrees of sin helps to mold a Christian conscience.

How can I develop a Christian conscience? is part of the Crucial Questions booklet series. The series offers Biblically sound answers to practical, real-life questions about the everyday Christian experience.

Without a doubt, the series is very informative and a worthwhile resource. Each selection in this volume tends to be less than 100 pages so you can get through a booklet in an afternoon. Furthermore, the fact that all of them are available for free (Kindle versions) is just icing on the cake. This is excellent for anyone who seeks to know more about repentance, and will provide valuable information to Sunday school teachers, Christian educators, and Bible students.


Dr. C. H. E. Sadaphal

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