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The bottom line: A fearless, Biblically sound call to action in a world soft on God’s Law.


Hell’s Best Kept Secret explains why Christians are lukewarm. It explains why churches are empty and why people feel like God is “outdated” or “not relevant” to their life in the 21st century. It explains why evangelism crusades lack long-term results.  

It explains that the secret password that unlocks the door to an unbeliever’s heart has been staring us in the face for millennia, but the secret has been buried underneath cultural relativism, fear, and subjective truth. Hell’s best kept secret is the Law of God which convicts people of their sin, draws them to genuine repentance, and sets their hearts ablaze for a Messiah to deliver them.

Sin is a dirty word in the 21st century and it is something that makes people feel bad, guilty or just plain uncomfortable. And that’s exactly the point. Why do you feel something is wrong? Because no one can deny the objective sense of right and wrong written on their conscience. Hell’s Best Kept Secret shows the reader how God’s Law is exactly the thing people need to be aware of so that they will be convicted of their sin and turn to The Lord.

Ray Comfort equips you by first giving a clear and persuasive look at what the Bible actually says and then reveals why modern strategies to “convert” people have failed—because they have strayed away from the Bible and thus only created more backsliders. After elucidating this fundamental principle, Comfort then details strategies for evangelism. Of course, those who do not know The Lord are never enemies or targets to be vanquished but future potential allies. Hence, Comfort describes not only how to approach people by providing specific strategies, but also details how different types of individuals will require different approaches. The appendix contains commonly asked questions as it pertains to difficult areas in evangelism. What you walk away with is a working knowledge of what not to do, what to do, why it works, how it works, and when to engage specific evangelism strategies based on who you are speaking to.

Hell’s Best Kept Secret does what any towering pillar of Biblical illumination does: it brings us directly back to God’s Word when time and culture have nudged us away from timeless Biblical truth. This book is a refreshing and inspiring breath of theological imagination that will animate you in your Bible study, encourage you in your sermons, and equip you with strategies to evangelize effectively.

Ultimately, if you seek to be used as a vehicle to convict hearts and minds for Christ, then you absolutely must read this book, treasure it, and then tell all your friends about it.


Dr. C. H. E. Sadaphal

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