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The bottom line: Science and reason find the inescapable conclusion of God in the beginning of our universe.



Many people take faith for granted and never ask the tough questions. They shun reason and turn a blind eye to probing and challenging inquiries.

Genesis One is a short yet powerful book by written by a former skeptic-agnostic that uses hard, testable facts of science and aligns them with the creation narrative from Genesis 1. God and reason need not be opposed, and this booklet shows you how.

Genesis One first gives a brief introduction to set the perspective for the Bible’s first chapter. It then describes how the scientific method is derived from (not applied to) the text, and then gives a day-by-day account of the six days of creation. Within the account of each day, the author gives current scientific research and provides a plethora of factual support to align the scientific particulars with the Biblical narrative. Also, the author’s breakdown of the meaning of the original Hebrew words in context is illuminating.

Notably, the author answers some tricky questions such as: Were the days in Genesis 1 long, figurative days or literal 24-hour periods? Where do the dinosaurs fit it? Why is naturalism (evolution) incompatible with scientific evidence? What does genetics tell us about the plausibility of all of humanity having one father and one mother? When does light really appear and how does this coincide with the development of plant life?

It is remarkable how much breadth and depth of information Dr. Ross was able to convey in 30 pages. Although the Bible is primarily theological book, Ross reveals how science is not opposed to Christianity, but points directly to it. Anyone who is curious about what the Bible says about the start of our world will find a wealth of answers in this booklet.


 Dr. C. H. E. Sadaphal

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