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The bottom line: DeHaan aligns science with the Bible through creation and illuminates a sovereign, eternal God behind all things.



The author was a medical doctor and therefore takes a very logical and empirical approach to investigating the creation narrative in Genesis.

Resultantly, in Genesis and Evolution, Dr. M. R. DeHaan writes about the Bible as if it was a scientific textbook and masterfully aligns the story of our beginning with what we know about science.

The author doesn’t attempt to discredit science per se but reveals how the right answers were in the Bible all along: God is the author of all knowledge and thus there is no final conflict between correct science and the true interpretation of the Holy Scriptures. If for nothing else, DeHaan will forever change the way you read and interpret Genesis, simultaneously elevating the incarnate Word of God while disproving inadequate and flawed theories of macroevolution.

He writes that an individual’s response to the opening of the Bible“In the beginning God”—subsequently will determine if they have faith, and in turn, if they will inherent a divine promise for the deliverance from evil, sin, death, and reconciliation with God. Genesis and Evolution argues that naturalism only explains what happened and provides no hope for humankind’s future. It offers no prescriptions for spiritual regeneration, no promise of eternal life, and casually shrugs away malevolence and wickedness as a by-product of happenstance without a means of justice or the inherent need for atonement. DeHaan also does a marvelous job of explaining: (1) the seven days of creation as it relates to the progression of the Christian’s life and (2) how fundamental misconceptions about God and sin have spawned an innumerable number of “modern” yet wholly inadequate “religious” systems.

The only negative thing I have to say about this book is that some of the author’s scientific statements go unqualified, even if true, without reference to external sources. DeHaan can get away with many bold assertions simply because he’s M. R. DeHaan. He also takes a no-holds-barred approach and basically points out very early on that if you believe naturalistic theories, you’re an “infidel” that “makes a fool of himself.” This may rub someone, unfamiliar with the creation narrative and who is generally curious, the wrong way.

In the end, Genesis and Evolution does what any book by Dr. DeHaan does: engages all of a person’s intellectual faculties, challenges assumptions and misconceptions, and dares to ask tough, unsettling and probing questions in order to guide you toward the inescapable conclusion of God.


Dr. C. H. E. Sadaphal

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