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The bottom line: A strong theological proclamation in a character-driven work of fiction.



Christian fiction can often be a mixed bag because sound Biblical principles can be lost in the pursuit of a strong narrative. Conversely, too much theology may overwhelm the reader looking for a lighter story.

Finding Home strikes a well-constructed balance and locates the reader who searches for timeless principles to be revealed in the context of everyday, relatable characters who have everyday and relatable struggles.

Subsequently, this book makes no pretense about the fact that grace is often best received when a person has given up on themselves and all hope is lost, only to find themselves scooped up by a divine and loving heavenly Father.

The two main characters, John and Alice, essentially serve as the literary vehicles to propel this tale of adversity, loss, heartbreak, and redemption. Birkey has the keen ability to weave the extraordinary in the ordinary and the supernatural into the natural. Resultantly, with a global view of the narrative, you have the capability to visualize how the seemingly innocuous and tragic phenomena of life are intimately linked in order to serve a divine purpose.

The end to this novel is powerful. Surprisingly, at the end of Finding Home, you are left with the answers to some of life’s most arduous questions such as “Why do bad things happen to people?” and “Does a silent God point to an absent God?” Certainly you will be inescapably transformed by the realization of the power of God working in and through the lives of real people in Finding Home. This novel gives fuel for faith and hope, and anchors a fixed point of reference to help navigate through dark times and steer past daunting obstacles.


Dr. C. H. E. Sadaphal

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