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The bottom line: Know what legitimate biblical faith is with clarity and precision.

At the core of Christianity is the crucial doctrine that we are saved by faith in Christ alone. Indeed, faith is simple yet it is often misunderstood, leading to crippling results.

Faith: What it is and what it leads to is a concise and coherent analysis of what genuine faith is, our reasons for it, its reliability and it misconceptions. By no means is this a dry book as the reader is treated to a master of language—Charles Haddon Spurgeon—who wonderfully clarifies his ideas with provocative prose and inspiring imagery. Although this booklet contains a “collection of thoughts” on the subject, each brief chapter reads like a sermonette that invigorates the reader with the power of God’s Word.

Faith moves through nine very quick chapters that each approach the issue of faith with a practical lens so that reader is well-quipped with a robust working knowledge. Spurgeon navigates you through some challenging questions and common traps. He also spends a significant amount of time on the assurance of faith, thus giving Christians the security and certainty they need to press ahead through perilous times.

For those who are unfamiliar, Charles Haddon Spurgeon is arguably one of the greatest Christian orators to have ever lived. As a Reformed Baptist preacher, he proclaimed the truth of the gospel in England in the 1800s, yet his words still inspire countless Christians of all denominations in the 21st century. Spurgeon lead one of the first modern “mega-churches” where he routinely preached to audiences in the thousands each and every Sunday. In fact, Spurgeon was so popular that newspapers reprinted the text of his sermons the following day. He books never disappoint and you can have “faith” that these pages are filled with power, strength, razor-sharp thought, and awe-inspiring theological imagination.


Dr. C. H. E. Sadaphal

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