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The bottom line: An insightful, comprehensive, and outstanding volume to conclude the Interpretation series on the Pentateuch.


The Torah (Genesis through Deuteronomy) does not describe the entry into the Promised Land, but does describe the journey on how to get there. Fittingly, the Book of Deuteronomy is a book about a people on the verge, with the assured promise ahead of them and the bondage of the past behind them. Appropriately, Deuteronomy Interpretation is dedicated to revealing the essential character and message of the Bible’s fifth book: exactly how the believing community should live once they do arrive into the promise, and the fundamental issue of faith—how a believer should face the future that lies ahead.

The author provides a rich and comprehensive interpretation of the text, describes the revelation of the Book in the New Testament, analyses the blueprint for a moral and just society as prescribed by Mosaic Law, defines the proper role of leaders and priests from the Biblical perspective, and expounds upon exactly how individuals must interact in a divinely-inspired society. I found particularly interesting Miller’s description and analysis of the Mosaic Law as an elaboration of the commandments set forth in the Decalogue.

Many political demagogues today would find this commentary very illuminating, especially its discussion on caring for the unfortunate, justice, and appropriate interpersonal relations in a community of faith.

Overall, I have been extremely satisfied thus far with many volumes in the Interpretation series and this volume is no exception. Deuteronomy Interpretation certainly does not disappoint and will prove to be a valuable resource for those who wish to interpret the scriptures, teach the Bible, or preach to a congregation.


Dr. C.H.E. Sadaphal

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