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The bottom line: Actionable advice to make your freelancing “hustle” a fulfilling, lucrative reality.


Freelancing is what happens when a person with a portable, unique and marketable skill leverages their talents into work for hire. The question then becomes how does a person make a successful transition into freelancing, either from scratch or from being a salaried employee? Peer Hustle provides readers with meaningful answers on a number of ways to make a fresh new start.

The book is divided into sections in order to better organize the content: Freelancing, Hustling and Finding Work, Sales and Marketing, Things to Avoid and Client Relationships. The Resources section at the end of the book describes helpful books, techniques, productivity apps, and other online tools that will equip you in your freelancing “hustle.” The book ends with two guides for photographers and models.

In my opinion, the biggest value that Peer Hustle delivers is that it grants the reader with a clear plan of action in order to get their freelancing up, running, and moving in the right direction. The blueprint provided by the book persuades you to consider pertinent, introspective questions as well as raising crucial matters that the average Joe may overlook (e.g. “How to Ensure You Get Paid On Time, Everytime” and “1099 vs. W2: Which is Better?”). A large portion of the content in the book applies to a broad base of people (e.g. “4 Mistakes You Should Never Do as a Freelancer”), whereas some of the content (e.g. “How to Hire a Graphic Designer”) will apply to different individuals in varying degrees. There are even some niche chapters (“Freelance Writers: How to Find More Marketing Channels) that are very specific to targeted groups.

Generally speaking, this book is very easy to read. All of the chapters are taken directly from prior blog posts on, so each chapter is quick with 3-5 important points to remember in bold. Notably, Peer Hustle is at least in part a promotional tool for the associated app, podcast and website, and the frequent links to the company’s homepage testifies to this fact. If you are a writer, designer, photographer, videographer or programmer, then Peer Hustle will be very relevant to equip you to take deliberate action and transform your talents into something profitable on your own terms.

Disclaimer: I agreed to post an honest review in exchange for a free copy of the book.


Dr. C. H. E. Sadaphal

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