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The bottom line: A lean but straightforward introduction to the unknown, neglected or purposeful errors we make with SEO.


Common SEO Mistakes describes the everyday search engine optimization errors that get people and businesses into trouble on the Internet.

The working philosophy is that by recognizing the importance of and understanding SEO, it becomes much easier to avoid mistakes as opposed to attempting to master optimization techniques that are changing at an ever-increasing pace. In the end, common SEO mistakes produce loss of money and business.

The book has seven chapters. Chapters one through four detail errors in the approach and thinking about SEO; essentially these are the mistakes a person or group makes without a computer. Chapters five through seven detail more specific errors and dive into the technical details with an acute emphasis on keywords, title tags and meta tags. These chapters describe the mistakes made when actually using a computer.

There is definitely more actionable meat in chapters five through seven, and this section will equip non-technical people with the basic know-how necessary to perform basic SEO. However, a lot of the information presented is readily available for free from the search engines themselves such as on Google’s Webmaster tools. I thought that many of the “mistakes” described in the first four chapters weren’t really mistakes but a lack of common sense (e.g. expecting instantaneous results, using antiquated thinking or believing no effort will yield tangible dividends).

This book is very easy to read, can be read in an afternoon (<100 pages), and has no incomprehensible technical language whatsoever. Even when there is technical lingo, it is successfully broken down in layman’s terms. In fact, if you are a technical person, I tend to think that this book would be way too simple for you. I expect that anyone who has a website would benefit from this book since SEO serves such a vital function on the Internet. Particularly if you are responsible for a website that is not ranking highly, this book is a good place to start.

Common SEO Mistakes is a reasonable value at five bucks.


Dr. C. H. E. Sadaphal

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