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The bottom line: At last, get equipped to boldly declare, “I am clean!”



As the book explains, sexual immorality is a pervasive problem and overcoming this formidable enemy requires the purposeful commitment to a “sexual war.” Clean will guide Christian males on the frontlines of this war in order to reclaim lost territory (offense). In reality, the book also does a great job of describing the dynamics of war and the variables that got you into this mess in the first place so that you can stay clear from potential traps (defense).

Clean begins with statistics and data to reveal that sexual immorality is a huge problem that is multidimensional. The problem is not only destructive of the self but those around you as well. Clean takes a while to get into the actual “plan” of how to achieve sexual integrity—accordingly, this discussion doesn’t begin until page 58 and descriptions of precise principles to be used begin on page 119. However, once Weiss gets started, his advice is powerful, impactful and based on timeless biblical principles. In fact, what this book does best is ground its advice in expositional Bible teaching. Weiss even devotes one chapter (“Holy Hologram”) almost exclusively to an elucidation of select verses to illustrate how the Bible guides men on how to deal with their lust. Possibly, the chapter called “James and John” may enlighten many on the power of confession and how that relates to healing.

This is the fourth book I have read by Dr. Weiss. He is very open and honest about the fact that he was once a sex addict, so the advice that the reader gets is from an author who is not only a trained professional who has helped and counseled others, but who has also struggled with the real issues himself. Hence, Weiss delivers very practical advice from the perspective of someone who has been “on the frontlines” and is a veteran of the battlefield. Certainly what you will get is guidance that is both faith-based and of tremendous practical good without being neither too “churchy” nor too “worldly.”

Finally, the greatest benefit from Clean is its wide range of applicability. If you are a man that struggles with lust, the spouse of man that seeks to live with integrity, or a non-professional friend, accountability partner or church leader, this book will equip you with some basic tools to chart a path toward healing.

Dr. C. H. E. Sadaphal

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