I will get straight to the point. The answer to this episode’s central question—Is evolution compatible with the Bible?—is absolutely not. The theory of evolution by natural selection is never compatible with either the biblical narrative of creation or the doctrines of the sovereignty and providence of God. In fact, belief in the theory of evolution tacitly demands the declaration that God is wrong and therefore, by logical necessity, one ought to reject Scripture as a whole (after all, why would you trust a God who got it wrong or who isn’t Lord over life?). As I mentioned in Episode 0.6, there is no discrepancy between what the Bible says and science, because all truth is coherent. Hence, as I shall explain, evolution has very little to do with actual science and much to do with philosophical assumptions and pseudoscience. There are many ways to arrive at the conclusion that evolution is not true and is therefore incompatible with the ultimate truth found in God’s Word. In this episode, I will guide you along two different routes that arrive at the same end: I will explain how the Bible refutes evolution and I will explain how science refutes evolution. Ultimately, evolution is not compatible with the Bible because evolution is not true.

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