On Justice

I will devote a significant amount of time to highlight the Biblical concept of justice in order to make a contemporary connection to living everyday under the authority of a secular regime. What you will find is that justice in a Biblical sense differs enough from justice in a modern sense that it will change how we think about, approach, and act upon injustice in society at large. Of course, the State, in making and enforcing laws, defines the contours of justice in contemporary society.

Justice, and only justice, you shall pursue,

that you may live and possess the land

which the Lord your God is giving you.[1]

For I, the Lord, love justice.[2]

Justice is a concern that permeates the entire Bible. This concern is found, for example, in the history of Israel being liberated from Egyptian bondage; it is found in the proclamations of the prophets; it is found in the poetry and wisdom literature of the Old Testament; Jesus begins His public ministry by announcing that He is the one to fulfill the prophetic longing to liberate those who are victims of oppression.[3] Justice is integral to God’s character and His resultant plan for civil order and government.[4] Hence, talking about justice is never a social, political, or an economic matter. Rather, justice is primarily a theological concern—the Bible informs us that because God is just, He requires us to do justice.[5] And eschatologically speaking, The Lord will be the one to deliver final and ultimate justice.

Our discussion of justice is highly relevant to the topic at hand for one simple reason … Continue reading.

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