Job: A case study

Any discussion about suffering and the Bible would be incomplete without a mention of Job, the title character of the Old Testament book. Why? Because Job is a textbook on how suffering interacts in a world ruled by a sovereign God.

My advice to all those who have never read Job: read the book in its entirety to get the full story. To those who have read Job, I suggest reading it again. What follows will be a very succinct and focused analysis of some of the key points made in the book of Job. This analysis will assist contemporary believers who seek some meaningful answers and actionable advice when it comes to dealing with suffering. Certainly, this final part of WCSK episode 0.4 is not meant to stand by itself but is meant to be taken along with the rest of the lesson. I hope that the pieces of information you discover here will build upon your existing base of knowledge and grow your faith.

For those of you who want a quick synopsis of the book of Job, here it is:

Job is an upstanding guy. He is not sinless but is a dedicated servant of The Lord. By the permissive will of God, the devil inflicts massive suffering on Job, who loses everything except his life and his wife. Job is broken and frustrated and cries out to God in anguish. God is silent. Job lashes out some pretty scathing critiques against The Lord. Furthermore, during this time, Job gets some bad advice from his friends. Finally, God answers Job. Job had made many complaints and asked God several questions. God then asks Job questions, questions Job cannot answer. For instance, God wants to know where Job was when the foundation of the world was set. Job is speechless and ends up repenting. God chastises the friends who gave Job bad advice, and at the end of the book, God restores Job and blesses him with more than he had before. Job dies at an old age after living an abundant life.

The first thing to realize about the book of Job is that … Continue reading

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