In this C. H. E. Sadaphal Sermon, you will learn about The Story of All of Us—a story about origins, a story about purpose, and a story about God calling the world into existence. 

The call goes out to everyone. The question then becomes how you respond to God’s call.

In this sermon, you will be enriched and inspired by the Word of God by gaining understanding of four crucial points:

(1) Out of nothing, God makes something for something. Martin Luther once said that until a man becomes nothing, God is unable to do His work. This explains why the Bible is filled with so many wilderness narratives, because in the “desert” there is absolutely nothing. Yet, God always manages to bring you out of the wilderness better, stronger, wiser, and of course, more faithful to who He made you to be. If He made everything out of nothing, just imagine how much He can do with you.

(2) The whole interprets the part. We are all image bearers of God, which means we are imperfect representations of Him. Hence, we all have mirrors that reflect God’s perfect image. What’s the condition of your mirror? Is it dirty? Broken? Covered? You’re searching for ways to fix it, but why not go to the One who made the mirror in the first place?

(3) Position, Permission, Prohibition. We are all assigned three tasks in life, and each task operates in context of the other two. God will promote you depending on how faithful you are to your assignments. Learn how to pass His tests.

(4) With God, slavery equals freedom. Yes, you probably are scratching your head. Many people live under the delusion that choice actually makes us free. But when you have endless choices that lead away from God, what value do those choices really have?

The video above can also be found by following the link here.

This sermon was performed at Deeper Life Christian Fellowship in Richmond Hill, Queens, NY. Dr. Sadaphal is scheduled to preach on the last Sunday of every month for the foreseeable future. For more information, please click on the Contact tab above.

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God Bless.


Dr. C. H. E. Sadaphal

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