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The bottom line: An enlightening Biblical and philosophical investigation that provides a map on how to discover the will of God.


In Can I Know God’s Will? R. C. Sproul not only gives readers a clear answer to the question—a resounding yes—but also outlines ageless principles that anyone can use for discerning and applying the will of God to their everyday life.

As the author makes clear, people frequently search for the hidden will of God without first paying attention to the revealed will. It is through the revealed that we can find answers to many of our most pressing questions, and thus, knowing the will of God for the most part entails studying what He has already said.

Can I Know God’s Will? takes a sharp philosophical turn in Chapter II, “The Meaning of Man’s Will.” Here, Sproul places the drive of humankind in the context of the sovereign will of God and takes a fair amount of time reviewing the contributions of theological heavyweights (Augustine and Jonathan Edwards). Divine sovereignty doesn’t contradict but outlines human freedom, and the wide theological implications of this observation are discussed in succinct fashion. Sproul doesn’t shy away from asking very tough and intellectually challenging questions in order to whip the reader’s spiritual imagination into shape: intriguing topics such as the proper definition of self-determination, choice as a spontaneous act, the role of desire, and options for contemplating Adam’s step toward evil before Fall are discussed.

This book is part of series by Dr. Sproul called Crucial Questions that provides intelligent answers to some of the most basic and tricky questions about the Christian faith. I have read many books in this solid series and this title is one of my personal favorites thus far. Potential readers should take note that if you are already married and have a clear idea of your calling then roughly half of this book will lack as much actionable advice as the rest: the last two chapters deal with discerning God’s will for your vocation and finding a mate. I give Can I Know God’s Will? a strong recommendation for anyone who earnestly proclaims “Thy will be done.”


Dr. C. H. E. Sadaphal

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