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The bottom line: Yes, you can be sure and R.C. Sproul cogently explains full assurance.



Here are some questions that carry eternal ramifications: If you cannot be sure of your salvation, then why would you give up all of yourself for something that is uncertain?

Who ultimately chooses if you are saved: is it you or is it God? If it is you, then how can God still be God if He waits on you to choose Him? If God intended for everyone be saved, doesn’t that necessarily mean He has to be perpetually frustrated, considering how many non-believers there are? If that is the case, then can God really be God?

Can I Be Sure I’m Saved? answers these theological and philosophical dilemmas. Essentially, what R.C. Sproul does is take the Biblical doctrine of election (or what Calvinists would call predestination) and unload these weighty, often-complicated ideas into plain and simple terms.

Sproul begins with fallacious ideas concerning the certainty of salvation and then expounds upon the Reformist perspective of foreknowledge that ends in salvation. Essentially, salvation begins, happens by, and is ultimately determined by God, so our assurance rests not on our fallible selves but the infallible Lord. So, yes—you can be sure that you’re saved and seeking this assurance is the duty of all Christians (II Peter 1:10).

Certainty, the final chapter, “The Source of Full Assurance” is where I personally believe the book has its most value. It gives Christians a proper Biblical framework on how they can answer the central question posed by the book and uses that assurance to strengthen their relationship with God. Here, the what, how, and ifs of full assurance are discussed.

Can I Be Sure I’m Saved? is part of series by Dr. Sproul called Crucial Questions that provides intelligent answers to some of the most basic and tricky questions about the Christian faith.

I have read many books in this solid series and this title is another solid addition. Crucial Questions equips and empowers readers to understand heavy theological concepts and ideas that yield practical dividends in a believer’s life.

Dr. C. H. E. Sadaphal

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