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John Calvin was a father of the Protestant Reformation. He was also called a “Christian Hercules” who wielded a club of the Word of God. This club was earned in diligent pursuit of the “real meaning” of the biblical text, and this meaning could only be obtained by studying the Bible in the language that it was originally received: Hebrew for the Old Testament and Greek for the New Testament.

Subsequently, what Calvin and the Biblical Languages will do is give you greater insight into who Calvin was, and how his unparalleled familiarity with these languages was utilized in his legendary ministry.

What you will walk away with is inspiration to fuel your own pursuit of biblical Hebrew and Greek so that you can exposit and exegete like a titan.

For the church (and particularly the Reformed Church), Calvin and the Biblical Languages is timely simply because the linguistic heritage of the Reformation is fading away.

The Bible is the foundation of the Christian faith, but many students (and teachers) of the Bible lack a basic comprehension of the original languages. Without said comprehension, we become lost. With said comprehension, the foundation of our faith grows stronger.

I believe this book will benefit you greatly if you have a sincere interest in preaching and teaching the Bible with richness, depth, and clarity. Indeed, there is only one John Calvin, but at least we can follow in the footsteps of this grand historical figure. I read this book as part of a graduate level seminary course (Introduction to Hebrew) and I think all seminary students and pastors will derive the greatest benefit from this booklet.


Rev. Dr. C. H. E. Sadaphal

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